The Witch Wing

I never in my wildest dreams would have guessed that I’d start to study witchcraft at 36 years old.

So how did I know I was a witch?

I realized that I was an empath a few years ago. I believe it started with my nursing journey. I’ve always felt very much “in tune” to the world around me. I’ve had experiences with spirits (my grandparents) and absorb the energies around me. But I still wasn’t quite sure what it all meant. Recently my 13 years old opted out of continuing education with our local Catholic Church as she told me she believed in more than one god. She loves Greek mythology and can tell you all of the gods and goddesses and their attributes. I then realized that I too believed in more than one god. Quite literally my daughter inspired me to realize that I did not truly believe in religion but rather in spirituality.

Now I joke about my 13 year old being pagan before I even knew what it meant.

That’s when I discovered that me being a nurse was not coincidence. I am a healer. I love to care and nurture for people, animals, and plants. Honestly, I believe the pandemic slowed me down enough to fully understand my magic. I feel as though it grows stronger every day!

I knew one of my first things to do was to start reading. These are the first 3 books I started with.

The Spirit Almanac
The Green Witch
Witches, Midwives, & Nurses