A Holistic Nurse


So what is a holistic nurse anyway?

Well… they are the same as a regular nurse but treat a patient’s mind and spirit along with their body. People often scoff at the idea of holistic medicine however in the 6 short years that I’ve been a nurse I have seen a shift in healthcare to focus on the mind and spirit as we realize just how connected they are to our physical well being.

Will essential oils help keep your sugar down if you’re a diabetic? Hell no. BUT, aromatherapy may help reduce stress cravings that would lead you to eat extra carbs or sugar. Will meditation cure your arthritis? Of course not! BUT, it may help relax your muscles and slow your breathing which in turn can help alter the body’s response to pain.

I believe in treating the entire person as a whole. I’ve always tried to treat my patients as such and now I am ready to focus and hone those skills. We (healthcare professionals) do not want you to be on expensive medication if you do not have to be. And so much of that begins with our mental health.

I am excited to start down this path and to learn as much as I can and share my knowledge gained along the way.

Stay tuned for more to come!

*This is not my graphic* Infographic by – Masjcs